Noir Nights – A Cyberpunk Noir soundtrack

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Noir Nights – A Cyberpunk Noir soundtrack

You lived a life of privilege and comfort sheltered in the upper city until one day a chance encounter turns your world upside down. Reluctantly , now you must travel to the lower city that holds the only key to your way out of this mess. Along the way, you uncover more than you ever expected, and you find out the truth behind all the lies you’ve been told. What you do with this information is up to you. From the splendors of the Upper City to the grim realities of the Lower City, these are your Noir Nights.

“You were one of the elite, now you’re one of us.”

//Splendors of the Upper City
00:00:00 Peaks and Valleys – Holon
00:06:06 Seven Days – Xaeroseven
00:09:40 Transient – Synkro
00:16:24 Return – Gridlock
00:21:39 Please not yet – Palmer’s Medic

00:27:09 The City is watching – The Enigma TNG

00:32:57 “- – -” – Access to Arasaka

//Upper City late nights
00:35:20 Song 23 – Gridlock
00:40:25 Quiet Little Rain – Palmer’s Medic

//Rude Awakening
00:47:50 Dream Sequence – Amon Tobin
00:54:48 After Dark – Ahnst Anders

//Lower City Transition
00:59:43 Something Wicked This Way Comes – Iszoloscope

//Black Market
01:04:55 Discordia – Maduro
01:08:31 Proper Hoodidge – Amon Tobin

01:13:35 Juno Wakes – Maduro

//Lower City Streets
01:19:35 Silent Whisper – Ahnst Anders
01:27:09 Temptation and Desire – Silent Servant
01:30:28 Dark Twinkle Rose – The Enigma TNG
01:35:50 And then it was (Oktopus remix) – Obsidian Kingdom

//Manuevers in the dark
01:40:42 Telemetry – Bad Sector
01:45:55 Antenna – Swarm Intelligence
01:50:49 Deadly Covers – Raphael Acohen

//Chase sequence
01:55:28 Insight – Diaphane

01:59:44 Verge – Freeze Etch
02:01:22 Irrotator – Freeze Etch

02:07:04 Nebulous Illumine – The Enigma TNG

02:14:55 Morningstar – Palmer’s Medic
02:22:46 Reconsider – Aphorism

02:25:46 LX-R – Camerxn
02:30:25 Highway – Access to Arasaka

//Point of no Return
02:33:18 Untitled 06 – Totakeke
02:40:09 All that is Hidden – Raphael Acohen

//All or nothing
02:45:50 All Torque (F Buttons Remix) – Hybrid
02:50:55 Alma the hellcat – Palmer’s Medic

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Links to artists in this playlist:

Palmer’s Medic


Freeze Etch




Access to Arasaka

Amon Tobin

Ahnst Anders



Silent Servant

The Enigma TNG

Obsidian Kingdom

Bad Sector

Swarm Intelligence

Raphael Acohen





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