Mechanoid – Cyberpunk Mix

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Mechanoid – Cyberpunk Mix

A mechanoid, a killer machine…

00:00 Niky Nine – Prey
03:48 Speed Machine – Confrontation
08:50 Vogel – Night City
14:26 Shredder 1984 – Los Angeles 2019
19:09 Hoffman Cruise – Cyclops
22:30 Waveshaper – Radio Signal
27:28 Dance With The Dead – Horizon
33:37 Highway Superstar – Dialtones
39:44 CJ Burnett – Rendezvous

Get Artwork: COMING SOON

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▶ What is Ody?
Ody is music promotion platform, featuring emerging artists and the best music from synthwave, retrowave, chillwave, cyberpunk and darksynth electronic genres. We blend music with our artwork in mixtapes to create unique and immersive retro experiences.


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Music curated by Ody (formerly Odysseus)

© Artwork created by Ody.
© All music in this video is owned by the featured artists (or record labels).

A mix of the best cyberpunk, darksynth and synthwave music. Ody 2020.

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