Tips for Winter Travel (Packing)

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Tips for Winter Travel (Packing)

I will teach you the best packing tips for winter trips. You will learn packing tips for winter travel, airport tips for this 2020 winter season, and tips for traveling in an airplane with all of that outerwear in cold weather. Some of you may travel during Christmas, and these tips will help you in the airport. I will also help you remember the newest Transportation Security Administration rules that came out in 2020 during the pandemic. This is a long list of tips for winter travel. By the end of this video you will know how to pack and get through the airport this winter.
Do not miss the deicing tip near the end of the video. #traveltips #wintertraveltips #travel

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00:00 Travel Tips Intro
01:00 Packing for Winter Trip
03:00 Christmas Travel
07:30 Wear on Airplane
09:30 TSA Rules COVID
16:51 Outerwear Tips

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