This is What Mars Colonies Could Be Like in 2035

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This is What Mars Colonies Could Be Like in 2035

Welcome to Extinction Update, the series that gives you an ecological face slap.

As the earth becomes less and less habitable due to the climate emergency, a group of academics known as The Astroland Agency is testing how humans could colonize Mars by 2035.

Many believe the Red Planet can’t support life as it’s too cold on the surface, there’s no atmosphere or oxygen to breathe and the air is too thin to support water. According to The Astroland Agency, the only way humans can currently survive on Mars is by living underground in lava tubes. But could pampered billionaires like Elon Musk really cope with living like that?

Before the pandemic, we headed to a cave in Spain’s Cantabria region where the scientists are simulating what it’s like. The aim of these expeditions is to provide scientific insights to help humanity overcome the physical and mental challenges the lucky few would face on Mars while developing new technology in the fields of energy-self-sufficiency, telemedicine, robotics, and AI.

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