Thingvellir – music video – song by The Upper Strata

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Thingvellir – music video – song by The Upper Strata

An almost mystical experience in a place where the continents
literally collide inspired this song. Come with us to Iceland.

Thingvellir is a famous place important to the
history of Iceland we visited while there. We
were meditating on fog and writing pieces and
ideas to make a fog EP when we got swallowed
by fog in Iceland. We were climbing a rocky
ridge at Thingvellir in the hail, rain, snow, mist
and fog. Just as we reached the summit, the
clouds parted and we could see the entire valley,
lakes and mountains beyond. It was a strange
mystical moment. We wanted to capture that
feeling of fog clearing, of a return of clarity and
this song evolved from that idea. The chunky
bass portion represents for me the two of us
climbing up the ridge in the wind elements and
the other part the clouds breaking.

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