The US Navy filmed “PYRAMID” shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles; here is that footage

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The US Navy filmed “PYRAMID” shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles; here is that footage

EXCLUSIVE : Full story at • In 2019 the US Navy photographed and filmed “PYRAMID” shaped UFOs and “SPHERICAL” advanced transmedium vehicles; here is that footage. This is only part of the story and visual evidence pertaining to UFO / UAP incursions by Unknown Advanced Transmedium Vehicles (UATVs) – engaging our US Navy warships.

On May 1st 2020 a classified briefing was generated about the UFO / UAP presence, via the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Those familiar with the briefing articulated to me that the goal was to de-stigmatize the UAP problem and to promote more intelligence collection regarding UAP incursions and encounters with active military deployments. This UAP briefing was a build-on to a previous ONI briefing, generated October 18th 2019. Both were distributed across a wide range of intelligence network platforms.

I was able to obtain information regarding these and other UAP related briefings – as well as – unclassified slides and some of the most intriguing military captured UAP footage I have ever seen.

The context surrounding this content is important to understand – as its evidentiary value is best demonstrated though the lens of provenance. I want you to understand why this new evidence is worth your full attention – if it’s not inherently obvious to you. So please visit to read all the details that I can share at this time.

Weaponize Your Curiosity,

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

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*Video from July 2019 / USS Russell / Warning area off of San Diego / Strike Group 9

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