The NFKRZ Podcast #1 with Bald and Bankrupt

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The NFKRZ Podcast #1 with Bald and Bankrupt

Welcome to the pilot episode of the new podcast I’m starting on my channel! Featuring Bald and Bankrupt – the Soviet connoisseur vlogger in the flesh. In this podcast we discuss our future on YouTube, Post-Soviet countries, who has the better drip, our personal lives, a bit of politics and much more. I’m planning to try and put out at least one or two episodes of the podcast a month, with each episode having a new (or maybe returning) guest. Hope you enjoy it! Keep in mind that this is my first attempt at podcasting and it might be slightly rough, but I’m obviously going to get better. Smash like and subscribe for more episodes and content!
Bald and Bankrupt:
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