Tea House 20′ Container Home by Relevant Buildings

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Tea House 20′ Container Home by Relevant Buildings

Tea House 20′ Shipping Container Home by Relevant Buildings. Whether you are looking to downsize or upgrade into a modern abode built using shipping containers, this 2 bedroom, one bath, 770 square foot shipping container house could be your home. In this video, we bring you Tea House 20′ Shipping Container Home by Relevant Buildings.This amazing home is built using two 20-foot containers Teed into a 40-foot container to create a modern family home with a highly efficient layout. Two shipping containers are placed side-by-side and stitched together to accommodate an open living and the third container is connected perpendicularly to the two containers to accommodate two bedrooms, the bathroom and a laundry room.

Official website: relevantbuildings.com

Project Summary.
Salient Features: Open plan living, 2 bed, 1 bath
Number of Containers: 3
Selling Price: $156,890
Habitable Space: 770 sq.ft
Property Type: Single Family Home
Info. Sources: relevantbuildings.com
Image Credits: relevantbuildings.com

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