Songsters Deluxe – Recording in Italy

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Songsters Deluxe – Recording in Italy

Wow Italy! Recording there, you immediately feel like an opera singer. Don’t worry, the new album is still Indie – Indie Opera.

It’s awesome to combine our love of travel and music and record out-of-town. We worked on the vocals and other tracks for our new album in a tiny remote hill-top town in the Piemonte.

Recording in another country is always stressful when preparing and troubleshooting (sorting out electricity, outlets, step-downs… ).But it is also rewarding and puts you in a different creative space. The landscape, food, people we met and the old church itself were all inspiring.

The video features portions of three songs recorded in the church that are on the upcoming album Luap Elk.

We are happy to share a little of our experience through this video. Feel free to comment or let us know what topics interest you for future videos.

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