Red Dead Online leaks suggest Halloween update is in the works

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Rockstar Games seems to be getting ready for a big Red Dead Online Halloween event that seems to be taking some inspiration from Undead Nightmares.

A new datamine seems to suggest that an glut of undead characters will be arriving in the multiplayer portion of the game this Halloween.

A new video uploaded over at Red Dead Guides reveals almost 50 zombie character models have been discovered in the game’s files. The models are currently hidden from view and don’t appear to be manifesting anywhere in-game.

Each of the models sports the same sort of cultish apparel, and they’re all labeled “army of fear” in the files themselves.

Last year, we saw Rockstar celebrate the spooky holiday with a big update that introduced Fear of the Dark mode to the game, as well as add a selection of masks for each of the three specialist roles that were available in the game at the time.

That event kicked off on October 29 and ran through until November 12. Similar Halloween events during a similar window also take place in GTA Online.

It stands to reason that the developer could use the recently unearthed undead in some sort of wave-attack style new mode, or even reanimate the corpses to prowl the overworld for a few days in honor of the October holiday.

Rockstar has yet to confirm any Halloween updates for 2020. But the likelihood is that something is coming – we also heard whispers about a Halloween Outlaw pass earlier this year.

The developers wouldn’t just be adding zombies into the game for fun, now, would they?

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