Photonic Chips Will Change Computing Forever… If We Can Get Them Right

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Photonic Chips Will Change Computing Forever… If We Can Get Them Right

Using photons in computers instead of electrons could make light-speed computing possible, but at what cost?

This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next –

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Scientists Create Diodes Made Of Light
“Photonics researchers at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have achieved the extra-ordinary by creating a diode consisting of light that can be used, for the first time, in miniaturised photonic circuits.”

10 GHz Optical Transistor Built Out Of Silicon
“In a significant step forward for all-optical computing, physicists build a silicon transistor that works with pure light.”

The Real Reasons Nothing Can Ever Go Faster Than Light
“It was September 2011 and physicist Antonio Ereditato had just shocked the world. Particles – in this case, neutrinos – had travelled faster than light. According to Einstein’s theories of relativity, this should not have been possible.”


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