Nova 360 Degree Motion Virtual Reality Simulator

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Nova 360 Degree Motion Virtual Reality Simulator

Nova is an “untethered VR motion simulator,” making virtual reality games and training programs feel more real by rotating in any direction.

The sphere, which has been compared to a “human-sized hamster ball,” is 5.9 feet in diameter, needing just a 6.5 square foot area. The whole thing weighs about 1,100 lbs, and can be transported on a pallet or forklift.

These units are too expensive for the home gaming market, the company leases each Nova unit with ongoing maintenance and upgrades, at a cost of $150,000 US Dollars per year.

Eight360 is working with defense forces, mining and forestry industries, where vehicles cost millions of dollars, accidents are a very big deal and training needs to encompass tilt angles.

There are also opportunities in remotely-controlled drone vehicles, from forestry tree-cutters to airborne drones, where being embodied inside the vehicle virtually, can confer big advantages, particularly where steep slopes are involved.

But there is some good news, Eight360 will be developing smaller cheaper units for the home market. But for now they are focusing on the core business of developing the bigger more expensive Nova unit.

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