LIVE Reaction to SpaceX Starship SN8 w/Commentary from #NASASpaceFlight #Spacex

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LIVE Reaction to SpaceX Starship SN8 w/Commentary from #NASASpaceFlight #Spacex

How did you feel? Comment below and lets discuss! This is my live reaction at 2430 on 10/12/2020 to Starship SN8 launch, with objective to reach 12.5km altitude and make a successful landing. Absolutely stunned by how much they accomplished in this launch. Never seen anything like this and an historic event.

Commentary from –
My site for.. shit –

intro: (0:00)
second raptor shut off: (0:47)
hover: (1:50)
belly flop: (2:10)
raptor fire: (3:58)
touchdown excitement:(4:10)
acceptance: (5:20)
overwhelming happiness: (6:14)
ok lets process this: (6:48)
witnessing history: (7:10)

Further notes: I have been recording daily diary entries for myself.. exclusively throughout 2020 and this was too much of a moment for humanity not to share. During a global pandemic, countries and cities locked down a team of talented engineers were able to achieve amazing success with SN8 of the Starship from SpaceX. Just an incredible feat of human engineering, incredibly proud and excited moving forward.

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