How to TRAVEL after coronavirus | 2021 travel tips

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How to TRAVEL after coronavirus | 2021 travel tips

The Coronavirus crisis will probably change the way we travel. Here are our seven short tips on how to plan for your trip during the lockdown. #TravelAdvice #Travel2020 #coronavirus

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👉 Coronavirus tracker:
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👉 Travel regulations map:

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Here are our top 7 tips.

0:00 Intro
0:14 7. Prepare multiple destination options for your next trip
1:09 6. Book your trip with possible cancellation options
2:06 5. Plan to travel closer to your home
2:30 4. Don’t plan way ahead
2:50 3. Stay healthy
3:10 2. Take precautions while traveling
4:35 1. Don’t rush into taking your first vacation

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