Great One Beast boss fully restored thanks to new Bloodborne mod

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Bloodborne fans have been mining the game for years now, finding all sorts of content that was cut from the game before it launched back in 2015.

In 2018, we saw YouTuber and dataminer Sanadsk restore the Great One to the game. In a video, he was able to restore access to the cut boss by locating unused Chalice Dungeon IDs.

With the help of expert Bloodborne modder and regular collaborator ZullieTheWitch, Sanadsk managed to show off a boss that From Software probably never intended you to see (thanks, Eurogamer).

Now, two years later, you can take on the additional boss yourself. Thanks to the efforts of Foxy Hooligans, you can download a mod and take on a fully working version of the Great One yourself.

Well, in theory: to download the mod and play the encounter yourself, you need a modded PlayStation 4 console with firmware version 6.72 or lower.

“Those who follow the cut content of Bloodborne know about the Great One Beast,” says Foxy Hooligans. “What is left in the game isn’t much, low resolution textures and many attacks lacking visuals. With this mod, you can fight this boss as the developers would have intended.”

The encounter itself sees the Great One attack pretty relentlessly, chasing you down and charging electric attacks to try and finish you off. It’s a world of difference from what we saw in the 2018 videos.

More new secrets are uncovered and restored regularly thanks to the efforts of the Bloodborne community. Earlier this year, community modder Lance McDonald managed to find an earlier version of the game’s opening and more information about the Blood Minister.

Who knows what secrets Bloodborne is still hiding from us.

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