Flat Earth | A Deep Dive

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Flat Earth | A Deep Dive

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A deep dive into the world of Flat Earthers, a group of people who subscribe to the idea that the planet is the same shape as a pancake.

Thanks to All Gas No Brakes for letting me use some of the footage from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H110vCGvTmM&ab_channel=AllGasNoBrakes


Discovery – Scott Buckley

Beauty Flow – Kevin Macleod

Hidden Wonders – Kevin Macleod

Aberration – Nihilore

Rising Tide (faster) – Kevin Macleod

Agnus Dei X – Kevin Macleod

Dolce Vita – Peyruis

Sweet Feelings – Thbd

Loopster – Kevin Macleod

Samba Isobel – Kevin Macleod

Club Seamus – Kevin Macleod

Gymnopedie no.1 – Erik Satie

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