Cyberpunk Streets – Nakasu – Downtown Fukuoka – RANDOM JAPAN

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Cyberpunk Streets – Nakasu – Downtown Fukuoka – RANDOM JAPAN

Scenes from Nakasu. The central hub of all downtown fukuoka’s nightlife. The scene and service systems at the bars and hostess clubs here are quite different to Tokyo. Which also makes for some excellent people watching.

Yes this could have been a minute in a 7D7M but I don’t have time or the graphics card grunt to go wild with colour grading in the longer videos… And in general, I like to play around more with the creative side of things in the Random Japan vids.

What do you think of the look? It’s an original work. I think it needs some tweaks, but it could be a nice LUT when I’ve cleaned it up a bit.
#fearofthedarc #cyberpunk #randomjapoan

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Simon Bichbihler – Night Walk
– Download link in the description at the link above. Support the artist.

Cameras: Sony a7S, iPhone 7Plus, Fujifilm X-T3
Edited in DaVinci Resolve 15


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I’m happy that the global obsession for pretty-girl-in-costumes-metal and the otaku money machine they create ensure the bands can actually grow, and at least some Japanese metal can escape the quagmire of the local music industry. But sadly like with all trends. Bands that don’t fit the bill or won’t change to make the money happy, disappear.
Here’s to good, well written, skillfully played female fronted music music that didn’t dress up in stupid maid outfits to make otaku fap-money:

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