AWESOME Things To Do In VR Other Than Gaming In 2020!

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AWESOME Things To Do In VR Other Than Gaming In 2020!

Here are 10 things to do in VR that isn’t specifically about gaming, yet still fun! This is the 2020 version – 2019 version here (with more tips):
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Last year, I made a video about it already, but VR has changed tremendously since then; I mean, the Quest wasn’t even released yet. So I thought I’d make a 2020 version with new info and new things to try out. I’ll also share tips on how to do everything on both PC VR and standalone VR headsets.


► 2019 Version: VR Is Not Only About Gaming – 10 Other Awesome Things You Can Do In VR:
► My Holofit review:
► Traveling While Black:
► National Geographic VR:
► Anne Frank VR:
► Google Earth VR:
► Wander (Google Earth for Quest):
► Tilt Brush:
► Gravity Sketch VR:
► Oculus Medium:
► Wave XR Beta:
► Anne Frank VR:
► Gravity Sketch: (Steam) – (Quest)
► Google Earth VR:
► Supernatural:
► My Supernatural Review:
► Holofit:
► VZFit:
► VRWorkout:
► Bigscreen VR:
► The Under Presents:
► Paradiddle:
► VRTuos (free to try version) – (paid Pro version)
► Guided Meditation VR:
► theBlu:
► Meditation for Quest suggestion – NatureTreks VR:
► Mozilla Hubs:
► Immersed VR:
► Virtual Desktop:


00:00 Intro Start
00:49 VR Instruments
01:47 Relax in VR
02:32 VR Immersive Theater
03:37 VR Cinema
04:19 VR Concerts
05:00 Working Out
06:03 Co-Work in VR
07:08 VR Travel
07:42 3D Print VR Designs
08:13 VR For Education
08:59 Outro Start


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