▶ Synthwave Radio / Cyberpunk Music / Retrowave Mix 🔊︎

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▶ Synthwave Radio / Cyberpunk Music / Retrowave Mix 🔊︎

24/7 synthwave radio station with a mix of retro 80s nostalgia and cyberpunk influences. Featuring real live DJ mixes and artist interviews. Perfect for gaming, driving, coding, working out or chill.
#Synthwave #Cyberpunk #Retrowave
Join artists and fans on discord https://discord.gg/dxNxNvB
Support us https://patreon.com/nightridefm

Streams and Socials:
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/nightride_fm
Periscope: https://pscp.tv/nightridefm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nightride__fm
VK: https://vk.com/nightridefm
Facebook: https://facebook.com/nightridefm
Instragram: https://instagram.com/fmnightride

Like what you hear and want to find more while supporting our artist friends? Check out our curated Synthwave and Cyberpunk Spotify playlists.

Stream Direct:
.m4a: https://stream.nightride.fm/nightride.m4a
.ogg: https://stream.nightride.fm/nightride.ogg
.mp3: https://stream.nightride.fm/nightride.mp3

Are you a producer? Want to submit your songs to the radio or our spotify playlists? Head over to https://submit.nightride.fm

Chat Guidelines:
This is place to share and enjoy good music. As such, refrain from preaching political ideology, racism and general bigotry. Be kind to one another. Limit spammy, one-sided exposition. And in general, don’t be an ass.

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